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Heat meters fitted with a display loop simplify the readout of consumption values

From the end of October 2015 all QUNDIS heat meters will gradually be fitted with a display loop. This will simplify the process of reading out the data on the display of the devices. It will now be possible to record display values at the push of a button. This new feature applies to all Q heat 5 QUNDIS heat meters together with all future variants. The remaining product features and extensive configuration options of the devices continue to remain available without restriction.

Optimised display loop for intuitive meter reading

Q heat 5 AnzeigeschleifeWith heat meters from QUNDIS the recording of consumption values has now become even easier. The new display loop enables readouts at the push of a button. In sleep mode the display loop is activated and repeated ten times by pressing any key. The display of the QUNDIS Q heat 5 heat meter now shows the current reading, the scheduled readout day and the scheduled readout value in a loop. In order to simplify readout operations, a display test separates the display of the current value from the scheduled readout value. In addition the scheduled readout value is highlighted by a flashing display. After 10 repeats the device returns to the sleep mode. “The feedback we have received from customers about the prototypes is very impressive. More than 85% of customers are planning to order the devices with the new display loop”, states Thomas Röhrl, Chief Technology Officer with QUNDIS. “Even readouts by tenants or untrained personnel have now become much simpler.”

In future the display loop will be applied uniformly to the entire portfolio of QUNDIS products with display. After the Q caloric 5.5 heat cost allocator and the Q heat 5 heat meter, all other products with a digital display will in future be equipped with an identical display loop.

The benefits at a glance:

  • display loop with 10 repetitions
  • readout at the push of a button
  • fast overview of heat consumption
  • available for Q heat 5 and Q heat 5 IST, as well as all future variants
  • no training necessary for readouts, occupant readout even simpler
  • further product features remain available without restriction

You will find more information about the QUNDIS heat meters here.