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QUNDIS GmbH chooses IBM Cloud as the source of modern energy management

Ehningen/Erfurt – March 17, 2015: The German SME QUNDIS developed a measurement system for the way data is collected from energy consumption. QUNDIS chose IBM Softlayer cloud center in Frankfurt to support the billing and monitoring of heat and water consumption. On the central platform, customers such as metering service providers have transparency in managing energy consumption. Additionally, QUNDIS plans to develop mobile apps via IBM’s Bluemix, so that home owners can access current consumption data through a portal or manage their heating on their smart devices.

“With our Q SMP (smart metering platform), our customers gain access to a single platform to collect consumption data for heat and water,” says Dieter Berndt, CEO at QUNDIS GmbH. “Competition in this market is not passive, therefore, the cloud is a fundamental process for making use of such services as it provides us a flexible and scalable IT resource to develop solutions whilst working together with other manufacturers. The IBM SoftLayer cloud in Frankfurt not only provides a secure data collection in accordance with the German law, but also gives us the opportunity to offer additional services such as mobile access for data management.”

QUNDIS is a medium-sized company established in Erfurt, Germany with a customer base which consists largely of property managers, owners of large housing units, as well as service and solution providers. QUNDIS provides its measurement systems to more than 6 million units across 30 countries in Europe. Developed with 280 employees, it manufactures and sells instruments such as heat cost allocators, smart heat meters and water meters for the purpose of acquiring data for energy consumption. This allows networking via wireless technologies from simultaneous heating systems to capture data of energy usage continuously. Unlike in the past, where energy consumption would have been read once a year, consumers can now continuously monitor, control and optimize their energy management.

The IBM Cloud is used as a central platform for collecting data from customers. Thus, the cloud becomes a single gateway technology for energy management. QUNDIS has standardized the way a user can access their platform for managing data collected from instruments that pick up the amount of energy or water consumed. This new breakthrough provides flexibility and innovation in energy management.

For QUNDIS, the cloud forms the basis for their smart meter platform and the associated development towards Europe-wide solutions. In the future, not only will high quality measuring devices be developed and sold, but various services will be offered, such as collecting and providing consumption data controlling equipment monitoring or counseling, and more. This will also benefit future house occupants who keep track of their heat and water consumption just by launching a simple app or a web based portal which shows a simple overview of this data. QUNDIS can offer different radio-based smart home applications thanks to the smart meter systems and the cloud for collecting and compiling the consumption data. QUNDIS also wants to collaborate with IBM in further developing their Apps over IBM’s PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) Bluemix.

“The digitization brings a tremendous momentum for German midsized companies – suddenly new businesses are tangible”, said Martina Fiddrich, Director of Sales, Mid-Market and Cloud Service Provider (CSP) for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, IBM. “For our Hidden Champions who are subject to international competition, this is a huge opportunity. QUNDIS shows how to connect the previous business model and the picking up of future market opportunities via the Cloud – and thus to be ready for the future.”